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This blog discusses subjects around the eCoach ATC simulator and other subjects related to ATC systems and simulations.

Provides more detailed information regarding the purchase process of an ATC Training Simulator.

How the ATC Training Center at Fornebu, Norway, was Established

Avinor needed required periodic continuation training for their air traffic controllers stationed at twenty controlled airports in Norway. This is how it was realized as a commercial service.
eCoach at IAAN, Fornebu


Four parties are involved in this story:
  1. Avinor – The ANSP who needed training for their controllers.
  2. Integra – The main contractor and official supplier of the service.
  3. Edda Systems – Provider of the eCoach ATC training simulator to Integra.
  4. Skyguide – Provider of training of Integra’s simulator pilots.
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New e-book: How to Acquire an ATC Training Simulator

How to Establish an ATC Training Center describes the overall process of starting up air traffic controller education. One aspect of this is to acquire the ATC training simulator to be used in the facility. We have made an e-book with more detailed discussions regarding this topic. The e-book can be found here. Together the two e-books provide overview and a starting point in just a few pages.

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New e-book: How to Establish an ATC Training Center

We have published an e-book as an attempt to help out in the early phases of planning new or upgrading existing professional ATCO education. The descriptions are valid from a single working position up to a large training facility. You can find the e-book here. There are no pictures in it in order to keep download and printing efficient. For pictures, please browse our web or Facebook site instead.

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