Avinor extends Brønnøysund simulator with remote training capabilities for Røst airport


Avinor has requested Edda Systems to upgrade the Brønnøysund simulator with an extension for remote training of AFIS-personnel at Røst airport. The training position at Røst will be connected to the existing training simulator at Brønnøysund by a remote connection. The remote training concept, supported by eCoach, allows instructor, pseudo pilots and trainees, to be located at different sites. Internet/intranet is used to connect the participants over large distances, as if they were training in the same building.

eCoach CWP

The small town of Røst is located to the far west of the scenic Lofoten Islands in the Norwegian Sea. The fishery village is dependent on it's small airport connecting the inhabitants to the main land. The airport is often hit by bad weather in the winther, with gale and hurricane force winds which can close the airport for traffic.

Brønnøysund is located further to the south on the coast of mainland Norway. The airport is part of Wideroe airlines regional network flying Dash 8s. In addition the airport is used by helicopters servicing the oil rigs of the coast.

The distance between the airports are approximately 125 nautical miles by air. Travelling between the sites takes many hours as there are no direct flights or ferry connection. The eCoach remote training solution is designed to connect such sites, thus providing a training system which overcomes the distance separating the sites. The concept also aimed at cutting training cost by reducing the need for transporting personnel to and from centralized simulator training facilities as well as reducing the need for extra personnel to cover up for those performing simulator training.

Contact Edda Systems AS to get more information about the eCoach remote training concept.