Dili airport, East Timor commisions eCoach Basic ATC training simulator

Edda Systems has together with our Indonesian partner Asian Star Services, commisioned a new ATC training simulator for Dili Airport in East Timor.

The eCoach Basic ATC training simulator provides for various types of ATC training. The eCoach Basic simulator is scalable system which contains pseudo pilots, controller working positions and instuctor position(s) to create and maintain exercises as well running and controlling exercises. The system contains surveillance and flight data processing as well as a voice communication system. Both voice- and radar data are recorded and can be played back for exercise evaluation. Recorded data can also be used to "resume" an exercise from a given point in the recorded exercise data.                     

Presidente Nicolau Lobato Airport is located in Dili, the capital of East Timor. The airport was named after Nicolau dos Reis Lobato, an East Timorese politician and national hero. The airport provides both domestic and international flights to Indonesia, Australia and Singapore. The airport services is provided by Civil Aviation Timor-Leste which is a government organization, part of the Department of Transport & Communications in the Ministry of Transport, Communications And Public Works (MTCOP).