Avinor leases eCoach for training of AFIS personnel


The Norwegian ANSP - Avinor, leases eCoach for training of AFIS personnel at regional airports.

Avinor is improving air safety at regional airports through out Norway by improving situation awareness. The program involves installing radar displays at regional towers and training tower personnel in use of radar data to provide information services. Though FIS personnel are not allowed to control air traffic, a radar display will improve their traffic overview which they can relay to the pilots.

The eCoach simulator installation at Brønnøysund Airport which is one of the regional airports in the Helgeland area, was completed early in May. eCoach sends simulated data to a tower display working position using an internet protocol in their new training facility. This solution provides for a new training concept where by pilot/instructor and student can be at different physical locations, connected by a network (company-internal or Internet). Such a training concept can reduce the need to send personnel to a specific training center which can reduce training costs and the need for extra overtime personnel to cover for training activities.