eCoach Simulator Products

The eCoach family of simulators is designed to support a wide range of scenarios - from training of ATC controllers in a 3D tower cabin, to airspace prototyping and design, and technical testing of ATC systems. Read more about the various products below.



eCoach ATC Training simulators

The eCoach ATC training simulators contain solutions for ACC, APP, TWR and procedural control. These solutions are scalable, user friendly with sophisticated functionality.


eCoach Airspace Planner

The eCoach Airspace Planner combines a whole eCoach simulator into one machine. This powerful tool can be used to prototype, modify, simulate and evaluate airspace. The same equipment can be used to demonstrate the updates.


eCoach VCS Simulator

The Voice Communication System (VCS) Simulator provides communication between instructors, pseudo pilots and student air traffic controllers in the simulator. The VCS simulator emulates air to ground (A/G), ground to ground (G/G) and public telephone network communication. The simulator can be delivered as part of a complete eCoach solution or as a stand-alone system.


eCoach TDG

The Test Data Generator (TDG) is a tool for system testing and evaluation. The simulator generates radar- and AFTN data to feed into the system under test. The TDG allows you to test old and new functions and to create manoeuvres which you would never be allowed to perform using real aircraft. The TDG edition has built-in Designer and pseudo Pilot functions.