Example of configuration for eCoach ATC Remote Training Simulator concept

eCoach ATC Remote Training Concept

With an eCoach Remote ATC Training solution from Edda Systems AS, a training session can be carried out with Trainee Controllers and Pseudo Pilots located at multiple sites.

Remote training gives flexible use of the Training Simulator System and reduces impact on regular operations. Support resources like Pseudo Pilots (typically performed by Controllers or Assistant Controllers) and Instructors can be located at different airports/ATCCs. The most significant advantage is however the eliminated need to move Trainee Controllers from their regular location to a central training centre. The result is reduced travel costs and minimized hassle with changing shift lists and back-up shift lists.

The Edda Systems remote training concept is based on the standard eCoach ATC training simulator products where the nodes are interconnected over WAN. The Simulator Server connects to a number of remote Pseudo Pilots and/or Trainee Controllers. A single training session can consist of trainees and pseudo pilots spread over a vast geographical area. The working positions typically consist of a regular PC with two monitors for simulated radar- and flight plan data and a Touch Input Device for VCS functionality.

One of the features is that the system may also feed data to external training systems as in the case in Norway where the solution is equipped with an interface module enabling use of the existing and operational Radar/ADS displays as working position for the trainees.

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The Network

The key to the eCoach ATC Remote Training concept is the network to transport data between the different simulation sites. The connection can be an internet or an intranet connection with sufficient bandwith. The connection can be secured by VPN. The network may include subnets at the local sites to accommodate more working positions. The eCoach ATC Remote Training concept contains solutions to reduce the amount of network traffic.

The Server

The simulator server is located at a central site which has good communication lines to the other remote sites of the system. The central site may in addition have its own simulator setup consisting of controller working positions (CWP), pseudo pilots (PP), and instructors.

Controller Working Positions (CWP)

The controller working positions may be put at any location on the network. A remote location can contain multiple CWPs.

Pseudo Pilots (PP)

The pseudo pilots may be put at any location on the network. A remote location can contain multiple pseudo pilots.

Voice Communication System (VCS)

The eCoach Voice Communication System is a vital component to the concept. The IP-based simulator VCS has been developed for this purpose.

External systems

As part of the simulation, eCoach may be connected to external systems. Interface nodes may be set up locally or remotely to provide simulated data to external systems. Contact us for details.

Remote Control

eCoach can run multiple exercises in parallel. These exercises can be controlled by any of the instructors on the network, local or remote!

Multiple Airspaces

The eCoach simulator can run multiple exercises in parallel. Each exercise may have its own airspace different from the other.

Multiple System Configurations

An eCoach ATC Remote Training System can be designed to support a variety of system configurations. Contact us to see if your ideas can be supported.















































Reduce time and cost of transporting people to and from training site(s)
Less need for changing shift plans and reorganizing daily work
Improve skills of ATC staff by regular training
Reduce overall cost of training ATC personnel