eCoach Test Data Generator (TDG) used for ATC system testing

The principle of TDG operation is simple, replace the live data feeds with simulated data from eCoach TDG and get full control of the test environment.

This setup enables testing of anything from simple test scenarios using single aircrafts to complex test scenarios containing testing of multiple conflicts (STCA), controlled flight into terrain (MSAW), maximum load testing, response time verification etc.


Principle of eCoach TDG



eCoach can simulate data from:

  1. Radars and other surveillance sources typically using ASTERX for distribution of surveillance data
  2. AFTN for distribution of flight plans, ATS messages, MET-data etc.

The interface hardware can be special or standard ethernet protocols. Other types of interfaces can be implemented on request.

Bug fix verification

  1. Run the eCoach TDG with a scenario that can reproduce the error. Observe the error.
  2. Replace the software in the system under test
  3. Re-run the eCoach TDG scenario and verify the error does not happen again
  4. Archive the scenario for documentation and  future regression testing

New software or updates

eCoach TDG can be used as test tool in various contexts:

  1. New ATC system development
  2. Regression testing after functionality updates
  3. Bug fix verification