Consulting services

In addition to the eCoach product, we offer consultancy services in various areas:

  • Software project management
  • Software development
  • System deployment and testing
  • Services related to eCoach delivery and use

Domain of competence

Beside the area of information technology and project management in general, we have applied these mainly in the areas of air traffic control systems, tele- and data communication, and oil related industry.


Our main experience is from procurement, development, deployment, commissioning and maintenance of major and minor air traffic control systems in Norway. This includes also testing and release management.

The work experience is both from former employment inside the Norwegian ANSP and from later consulting service from Edda Systems AS.

We have also completed several assignments for international ATC suppliers in areas like Voice Communication Systems and emergency backup systems.

Outside the ATC business we have completed software developments like a large-scale, web-based reporting system, reporting from multi-site databases.