Product Courses

We offer all courses required to make full use of eCoach. Each course will be tailored to the attendees needs and therefore priced separately.

Adaptation Data

is a major part of any eCoach installation, because it contains the environment definitions for the area where the simulated traffic is run.


Adaptation Data Registration

should be managed by the customer. In case of Airspace Planning, the user's task is to produce the adaptation data.

This product course goes into variable depth regarding ATC specific expertise depending on if the user(s) will register existing airspace or develop new airspace.


For most customers it will be valuable to know the eCoach Pilot functionality in detail. Although a comprehensive User's Manual follows the product, we also offer an adaptable product course.


A comprehensive User's Manual for the ATC Controller functionality follows every eCoach delivery. Edda Systems offers a product course in the use of the Controller position's HMI.


eCoach is based on Microsoft Windows PC technology, so the need for a technical product course is usually limited. However, for custom installations and/or special issues, we will set up a tailored product course upon request.