We provide support at the customer's requested level at all phases of a delivery; Before, during, and after. This includes:

  • Setup/configure airspace
  • 3D modelling of airports, vehicles, aircraft
  • Tuning of look and feel of user interface
  • Tailor-made software functionality 

We are confident that the delivery will be very cost-beneficial for the customer.


Based on an informal request via Internet, we open a communication channel which might end in a delivery agreement. The main focus is to correctly define the scope and price of the delivery.


We can set up the equipment at our premises and ship it as a turn-key installation, or the customer can purchase hardware and set it up internally. Or anything between. We provide Product training courses for both technical and operator personnel, to the extent required.


The customer has the option to purchase a support agreement that can be negotiated. As a minimum it will include regular software updates as eCoach evolves.

Custom development

Upon request we can develop customer defined functionality that is not part of the standard product.


We will price all deliveries individually, based on the elements

  1. Software licenses
  2. Training courses
  3. Other services from Edda Systems AS