Warping is about transforming a picture or video from one type presentation to another. A projector is typically designed to display an image on a flat screen (green below). If the same uncorrected picture is displayed on a curved screen (red below), the picture will be distorted and look oval when the projector lens is placed in the middle of the screen vertically, pointing along the normal to the screen. Other positions and orientations of the projector will cause other distortions. The eCoach 3D Twr software contains warping algorithms and adjustments to correctly transform and display a standard projector picture ment for a flat screen, on a curved screen. With warping built into the eCoach software there is no need for warping in projectors or extra software to handle this.

See illustrations below.

 The above picture has not been warped. The green picture is formatted to be displayed on a flat screen. The red picture which is displayed on a curved screen appears distorted with an oval shape.

The picture above has been warped to correctly display the image on the curved screen in red. eCoach transforms the image (green) sent to the projector, which then is correctly displayed on the curved screen.